Your Quadency dashboard shows a graphical overview of your holdings across all your connected accounts.

Tip: Dashboard can be viewed in the context of a single account or entire portfolio (all accounts combined). To switch to another view, select "Switch View" from the menu:

Performance chart shows historical value of your portfolio. This chart is constructed based on your trading history and deposits/withdrawal history from your accounts. Hovering over the chart area will reveal further options, including ability to zoom into an area, switch chart type to bar chart etc. You can also hover over a point in time to see the valuation of your portfolio at that time.

The accuracy of this graph and others depend on the depth of account history available from your exchange. Always be sure to check your trade history to make sure it is complete.

By default, all values are shown in USD. You can switch to your preferred currency by selected from the menu on the top right corner of the navigation bar.

Portfolio Stats show the following information about your selected account(s):

  • In Positions: The value of all of your holdings, except your native currency. This gives you quick look at how much of your fiat (or BTC) is invested in coins and other assets.

  • Available: The amount of your native currency that is NOT invested in coins. In other words, this value can be used to purchase additional assets. Please note that this value is not necessarily "free" as part of it may be held in open orders.

Historical Allocations chart shows a historical snapshot of the makeup of your portfolio or selected account. In the example above, this Kucoin account is analyzed by hovering over a point in time to see how asset allocations have changed day-to-day or even hour-by-hour. This is useful in assessing how a certain asset or group of assets have impacted performance. For this reason, the time frame of this chart and the Performance chart are linked.

Current Allocations chart shows the current distribution of your portfolio assets (with any any nominal quantity assets grouped as “other”). Hovering over any asset will show further details such as current value, current price and amount held.

Account Details section shows actionable information such as Balances, Open Orders, Order History and Trades in your selected account (or aggregated in the case of Portfolio Overview).

  • Balances tab shows your current balances and all relevant information including latest global average price, market value and cost basis. Clicking the Trade button will reveal a menu showing pairs available for trading the selected asset - selecting one will navigate the platform to the Trade tab under the same pair/account context for convenience.

  • Open Orders are orders that are waiting to be filled at the exchange (limit or stop orders). You can cancel your orders from this tab by clicking the X button next to the order. You can also cancel multiple orders at a time by clicking "Cancel All" button above the pane.

Balances by Account shows the distribution of your assets across connected accounts. Tip: Clicking a slice in the pie will switch the dashboard view to that account.

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