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How do I enable 2FA?
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Setting up 2FA will provide an extra layer of security, and also it will allow you to log in without having to verify your location


To set up 2FA for your Quadency account, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Navigate to your name in the upper right-hand corner from any screen, and scroll down to Security (2FA). You can also navigate to Account Security via the main menu to the left of your profile sections.

  2. Tap ENABLE, download the Google Authenticator app if needed, and follow the on-screen instructions - including writing down your backup key. Then tap NEXT. 

  3. On the final screen, you simply have to re-confirm the backup key, your password, and the code from Google Authenticator. Then tap ‘Enable 2FA’ and you’re all set!

We strongly recommend keeping 2FA enabled, but should you ever want to remove it, just navigate back to this section and tap DISABLE.

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