Orders placed on the platform are routed to the exchange for the selected account. The types of orders that can be placed include Market (taker), Limit (maker), and Stop orders. In addition, advanced orders such as trailing stop-loss and profit target can be used by running a Smart Order bot.

To place an order:

1) Select an account from the account selection menu:

2) Select a pair you wish to trade by clicking the pair name in the ticker bar:

Balances for the selected market pair will be shown in the balances pane:

Tip: Click the balance amount to quickly pre-fill the entire amount in the order input.

Enter the amount you'd like to buy or sell, and select the order type (Market, Limit, Stop). The order total will be displayed (approximate in the case of market order as the order can be filled at different price points).

Click anywhere on the chart to pre-fill as the limit price for an order.

Send Order button will submit the order request to your exchange for processing. If the order was successfully sent, you will see a notification confirming the action.

Tip: you can cancel orders directly from the chart!

To cancel an order, simply click the "X" next to the order shown on the chart, or find the order in the "Open Orders" pane in the trade tab and click "X".

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