1. Log into your account at https://www.okex.com

2) Hover over your email address in the navbar to bring up the user menu. Click on 'API'

3) If you have not already enabled 2FA, you will bre prompted to do so. Go ahead and enable 2FA on your OKEx account

4) Click 'Apply for v3 API'

5) You will be prompted with a form. Enter a 'Display Name', and 'Passphrase' For your security, the passphrase should contain, upper and lowercase characters, numbers, and special symbols. Make sure you write down your passphrase in a secure location.

6) Make sure 'Enquiry' and 'Trade' permissions are enabled, enter your 2FA code and click 'Confirm'

7) The first 5 characters of your API key will be displayed on the table, to view the entire API Key and you Secret Key, click on 'View' under 'Action'

8) Enter your passphrase from earlier, and your 2FA code, and click 'Confirm'

9) Take note of your API Key, and your Secret Key. Enter them along with your passphrase and click "NEXT"

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