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How to place orders via Terminal tab

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Manual orders are placed via the terminal tab. There, you can place marker, limit, and stop orders if they are supported by your exchange.


Orders placed through Quadency are sent directly to your connected exchange account. We do not charge any transaction fees on top of any fees that your exchange may charge. Orders placed in QUADX incur a small fee depending on your account tier.

To place an order, select the account you'd like to interact with from the account selection menu:

Once an account is selected, the interface will load all data relevant to that account, including exchanges, balances, orders, and transactions. The order options available will match what your exchange offers.

Next, select a pair you wish to trade by clicking the pair name in the ticker bar:

If you have any available balances for the assets involved in the pair (BTC or USDT in the case of BTC/USDT), those will be shown in the balances panel:

Tip: you can click the balance amount to pre-fill the entire amount in the order entry to buy/sell with all available balance for the asset.

Enter the amount you'd like to buy or sell, and select the order type (Market, Limit, Stop). The order total will be displayed (approximate in the case of market order as the order can be filled at different price points).

You can also click anywhere on the chart to pre-fill the price you'd like to buy/sell at (for limit orders).

Clicking the Send (Buy/Sell) Order button will submit the order request to your exchange for processing. If the order was successfully sent, you will see a notification confirming the action.

Tip: you can cancel orders directly from the chart!

To cancel an order, simply click the "X" next to the order shown on the chart, or find the order in the "Open Orders" pane in the terminal tab and click "X".

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