How do I link my Bitfinex account?
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Update - November 2023:

  • Please make sure to include the step of adding the IP address in your whitelist when creating your API key.


Quadency allows you to connect multiple API keys, this will allow you to have access to multiple exchange accounts. Find steps on how to connect your Bitfinex account.


1) Log into your account at

2) Open the user menu in the top right corner, and click on 'API'

3) Select 'Read' and 'Write' permissions like below. If you would like to trade, make sure you have 'Write' selected for 'Orders'

4) Enter a label for the API key and then click 'Generate API key'

5) You will be prompted to enter a 2FA token. Submit the 2FA token and you will receive a confirmation email

6) Open the confirmation email and click 'CREATE API KEY'

7) Copy your newly created API key and secret.

8) Back at Quadency, enter those credentials for Bitfinex and click 'NEXT'

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