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Latest updates - January 2023:

  • You can now automate the trades of your Quadency account using QUADX-supported bots. Selecting your Quadency account as your bot's exchange will allow you to have zero bot fee in your bot-trading experience.


Bots help you automate buying and selling based on a strategy.


Strategies can be very simple, such as buying an asset (eg. BTC) every day, week, or month (the Accumulator bot will help you do just that), or more complex ones based on technical analysis.

Maybe you want to "buy the dip" and sell when in profit (or loss)? The Bollinger Bands, MACD, and Mean Reversion strategies are a good place to start.

Or maybe you simply want to build a diverse portfolio of assets, and rebalance every so often - the Portfolio Rebalancer v2 will do the trick, and more.

For high-frequency traders, there are advanced strategies such as Market Maker, and Grid Trader.

Important Information

Here are a few things to note:

  • Quadency bots are different - there are no guarantees of profit - these are simply tools you can configure to trade automatically for you. Use the Smart Suggest (not available for all strategies) to find optimal configurations.

  • Each bot is run in an isolated environment in a private cloud which is strategically deployed in the region closest to your exchange. This helps reduce latency but is slow to start.

  • Logs are helpful in keeping an eye on what the bot is doing and for troubleshooting any issues.

  • Read the article linked from the bot description to understand how the strategy works.

  • A fee will be charged for each filled trade placed by a bot ( limit orders on bots won’t be charged until they are filled). This fee is charged depending on your QUAD holdings and trading volume. Click here to learn more about account tiers.

  • Users in supported regions can use QUAD to pay for trading fees and get up to 100% exclusive discounts

  • More bots and other exciting features are coming!

*QUAD is not available in the United States due to the current regulation.

If you still have questions about bots you can simply click here to view the quick start guide, or please reach out to us via live chat or email [email protected]

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