Feb 2021 Update: V1 of this bot has been deprecated, so you can delete any old configurations and use the enhanced V2, which is now live.

This strategy is based on the popular Bollinger Bands indicator. It buys when the current price is below the lower band and sells when it is above the upper band.

You can learn more about the Bollinger Bands indicator here.

General Settings:

  • Exchange: The exchange to run this bot on. A bot can be backtested on one exchange and run live on another.
  • Market: The pair (symbol) to trade. Quadency's standard convention is Base/Quote.
  • Starting Capital: The maximum amount of Quote currency available to the bot for trading. When backtesting, this value can be any amount. However in live trading mode, the bot will stop trading if funds available in the Quote currency wallet become insufficient.

Strategy Description

  • Buy Condition: Price is below the lower band - Buy using 100% of starting capital
  • Sell Condition: Price is above the upper band - Sell 100% of the current position

Order Types

This strategy sends all orders as Market orders.

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