1) Log into your account at https://app.liquid.com/sign-in

Note: You must have 2FA enabled on your liquid account in order to create an API Key.

2) Go to the user menu on the top right and select 'My Profile'

3) Click on 'API Tokens'

4) Click 'Create API Token'

5) Check all permissions shown below

6) Enter your 2FA code and click OK

7) Back on Quadency, enter your 'Token ID' as your API key in the form when prompted

8) Enter you 'Secret Key' in the form, and click 'Next'

NOTE: You are not required to whitelist our IP address for this API key. If you had previously whitelisted an IP address, it may not be possible to remove it. However, as a workaround, please add another entry into the whitelist as follows: 

IP Address:

Note that doing so will allow your API key to be used from any IP address, so it is important to keep it safe and secure.

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