To qualify for the contest, simply open or connect an exchange account and trade any pairs of your choice using our library of pre-built bots.  

Your score will be based on a combination of your total automated trading volume in $USD value and your percentage gains on that volume. Please scroll down for detailed contest terms.

The Top 10 traders will receive a prize based on their final ranking per details below. 


This contest launches April 27th and concludes May 3rd 2020. 


How the over $2,000 in prizes of BTC payouts + free Quadency subscription upgrades (usually $49/month USD) will be distributed among the 10 highest scores:

1st place Grand Prize: ~$500 

  • $200 in BTC, plus 
  • 6 months of Quadency Pro FREE

2nd - 5th place: ~$250 

  • $50 in BTC, plus 
  • 4 months of Quadency Pro FREE

6th - 10th place: ~$125

  • $25 in BTC, plus
  • 2 months Quadency Pro  FREE

How to Enter the Quadency Bot Trading Competition

Step 1:

Open account as needed and connect your exchange(s)

Step 2:

Confirm bot trading is supported for your connected exchange

Step 3:

Enter Bot Trading Competition

Contest Terms

What is the exact start and end of the contest?
This contest will formally begin at 12:00am UTC on April 27th 2020 and conclude at 11:59pm UTC on May 3rd 2020. 

What is the deadline for entry?
You can enter the competition at any point prior to the end date/time listed above. But your trading activity will begin counting towards your score the later of your entry date and contest start date. So the sooner you enter, the higher your chances to win! 

Which exchanges, markets can I trade?
For this contest, all trading volume executed using Quadency's library of pre-built bots will contribute to your total contest score. 

How is the score calculated?
Your score is based on your filled/executed bot trading volume from Quadency during the contest period above, along with a score boost based on your total return.  

Initial scores can range from 0-100, and represent the proportion of your trading volume among the total trading volume from all contest participants. For example, if you traded $20,000 equivalent in volume, and the total volume is $100,000, your initial score will be 20. 

The top 10 traders in terms of percentage gain then receive a 50% score boost, so in the example above, if you are in 7th place in overall gains regardless of volume, your score is increased 10 points to 30. 

How often is the score updated?
Scores are updated every 2 hours throughout the competition, and you can see where you stand with a quick glance at the Contest Leader board. Please note that your score can go up or down, depending on your individual proportion of the total contest trading volume at that time.

Score boosts will be applied only once: the day prior to competition end on May 2nd. Leader board rankings at 11:59pm UTC on May 3rd will indicate the final winners.

Is there a minimum score needed to win?
There is no minimum score needed to win, but to qualify for any of the available prizes, you must trade at least $1,000 USD in volume during the contest period. 

When will the payouts and free Pro rewards be distributed?
Winners will be announced by May 5th 2020, and will be contacted by May 10th 2020 to process all payouts and free Quadency account upgrades. 

What if I already have an active Quadency Pro subscription?
If you place in the Top 10 and already have a paid or partner-sponsored Pro account, your subscription will be extended at no charge upon contest end.

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