Smart Suggest is a highly anticipated feature within Quadency Bots framework that makes finding profitable configuration parameters for bots a breeze.

How does it work?

Smart Suggest is powered by Quadency's proprietary Hyper-Parameter Optimization Engine - a technology that leverages a swarm of cloud servers to concurrently process thousands of backtests daily by trying different parameters combinations for each bot. Negative results are discarded and profitable ones (including those conducted by users) are further fine-tuned until a cache of diverse configurations is generated. This process repeats continuously to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.

How to use Smart Suggest

Smart Suggest is currently available fo the following bots:

  • Bollinger Bands v3

  • Mean Reversion v3

  • MACD v3

  • Multi-Level RSI v3

1) Simply click "Smart Suggest" button in the "Parameters" tab of one of the bots above to view backtest results.

2) Click "Copy" to apply the same configuration to your current bot instance.

3) Perform additional backtests to confirm the parameters continue to be valid on more recent market data.

4) Once you're comfortable with the results - select an account and click Start Live to run the bot.

Note - Not all bots support backtesting, and thus Smart Suggest is not available for all bots. Real-time bots such as Grid Trader and Market Maker (and Plus) that rely on price action and order book data cannot be backtested due to the vast amount of data and processing resources required - it is simply not practical for the amount charged for monthly subscriptions.

This feature is available for users with Pro plan and above. To upgrade your plan, click here.

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