Can I backtest every strategy?

Why not all bots have a backtesting option

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Backtest is not available in all bots.


When configuring your bot settings, you may notice that only the following currently have a backtesting option available:

  • MACD

  • DMAC

  • Multi-level RSI

  • Mean Reversion

  • Bollinger Bands

  • Accumulator

  • CODY - AI Trading Assistant

Due to the sheer amount of data and processing required to backtest real-time strategies like Grid Trader and Market Maker, backtesting for these bots is not practical from a cost and feasibility perspective. There are options available for Institutional plan users - feel free to inquire if you're interested.

For the bots listed above, you can run up to 200 backtests per day. Plus, be sure to check out Quadency's cutting-edge Smart Suggest tool for help in discovering backtest configurations that work best for you.

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