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When are referral rewards paid out?
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You can find answers to many common questions like this in the FAQ section of Quadency's main referrals page.


From November 2020 rewards, please note one additional update:

Payments are made during the first two weeks of every month for rewards earned during the previous month. Rewards are earned the moment any of your referrals complete a qualifying action.

For example, if your referrals traded enough throughout November to earn you $50 each week, you would receive your $200 for Nov rewards by December 14th.

If your rewards require further investigation by the security team, you will be asked to proceed with KYC + provide detailed information about where your referral link was shared. Please note this process takes approximately 1 week. So in the example above, you would be contacted by December 14th to complete the validation steps and receive your rewards by Dec 21st.

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