Quadency allows you to connect multiple API keys, this will allow you to have access to multiple exchange accounts. Find steps on how to connect your AAX account.


1) Log into your account at https://www.aax.com

2) Hover over your account in the navigation menu in the top right corner to bring up the user menu. Click on 'API Management'.

3) You will be prompted with a form. Make sure the 'Read' permission is enabled for ‘Account Info,' while also enabling both 'read' and ‘write’ permissions for Spot Trading.

4) Enter a 'Label' of your choice under Settings, then click ‘Create’

5) Your API Key as well as the Secret Key will be displayed. Be careful and don't close out of that screen on AAX as your secret key will be shown only once for your account protection.

6) Now, head back to your Quadency and select Connect AAX from the options at:


7) You will be prompted to enter your API Key and your Secret Key. You can edit the label as needed, then click 'CONNECT.'

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