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Special Offer Alert: Claim your $100 bonus for trading with Kucoin!
Special Offer Alert: Claim your $100 bonus for trading with Kucoin!

One-time promotion valid for new accounts only

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Experience powerful new bots like the Portfolio Rebalancer, combined with a more responsive Kucoin trading experience throughout the Quadency terminal. Act fast and claim your one time bonus of up to $100 for trading on a new account!

To qualify, simply open a new Kucoin account and use Quadency's growing library of pre-built bots to earn extra rewards.


This promotion is valid from September 3rd to September 12th 2020.

Bonus Rewards

The first 50 qualified participants can claim the below rewards based on level of trading volume from Quadency within the first month of opening your new account:

Reward Level 1: $25

earned at 5k in overall trading volume

Reward Level 2: $25

earned at 10k in automated trading volume using Quadency bots

Bonus Reward: $50

earned at 10k in trading volume by running any 1 Quadency bot for at least 10 consecutive days

These offers are EXCLUSIVE for Quadency users, so you will not see them on the Kucoin sign-up page - and as always, get 6 months of Quadency Pro FREE as part of our ongoing partnership with Kucoin no matter how much you trade!

How to Claim

โ€‹Step 1:

Open your new Kucoin account via link below:

Step 2:

Connect your new Kucoin account to Quadency via API:

Step 3:

Trade on Kucoin with your FREE Quadency Pro account. That's it!

Promotion Terms

What is the exact start and end?
Promotion formally begins on September 3rd 2020 and concludes at 23:59 UTC on September 12th 2020.

Is there a deadline to claim the offer?
You must create your new account before the promotion ends on September 12th. Bonus payouts are limited to the first 50 participants, so the sooner you open your account and start trading, the higher your chances.

Are there restrictions on what trading volume counts towards my bonus?
Bonus rewards are based only on your filled/executed trading volume from Quadency on your connected Kucoin account during your first month of trading.

Can I use any bots for the contest?
Yes! All bots included in your free Pro account can be used towards the promotion. A few you may find useful for this promotion include:

When will the bonus rewards be distributed?
Connecting your new Kucoin account to Quadency via API will automatically activate your free Pro plan. Kucoin will deposit qualifying bonus rewards directly to your account by October 15th.

What if I already have an active Quadency Pro subscription?
If you have a paid or partner-sponsored Pro account, your subscription will be extended 3 months as part of this promotion.


any malicious registrations, fraud, or cheating of any kind will be disqualified; redemption of level 2 reward limited to the first 20 qualified participants, with bonus reward limited to the first 10; Kucoin has final say of interpretation to distribute rewards; for any additional terms & conditions, please visit Kucoin

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