How do I redeem my Dash FastPass offer?

Follow these three quick steps to claim your offer.

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Introducing FastPass

The FastPass Network recognizes partners that provide an enhanced user experience within the Dash trading ecosystem via unique services or integrating features like InstantSend and ChainLocks. FastPass takes advantage of these Dash features across exchanges and platforms to enable unparalleled trading experiences, such as the ability to deposit and withdraw in seconds or minutes, instead of hours or more.

Take advantage of FastPass with Quadency

Quadency is at the intersection of services that make up the FastPass network and we have some exciting features planned uniquely to trading with Dash!

But you can start trading smarter today with Quadency and our growing library of pre-built automation strategies. Plus, members of the Dash community can now redeem three exclusive offers! Detailed terms & FAQ below.

  • FREE trial of Pro or Unlimited

  • Monthly subscription credits

  • Ongoing 50% plan discounts

How to Claim:

โ€‹Step 1:

Create your free Quadency account.

Step 2:

Connect the FastPass exchange(s) with your DASH via API:

Step 3:

Fill out this form to redeem your exclusive offer.

Promotion Terms + FAQ

Is there a deadline to claim the offer?
There is no deadline, so you can return to the claim form any time to redeem the relevant perk.

What are the requirements to claim a free trial?
You need to maintain a certain amount of DASH in your active spot account balances to qualify. DASH held in margin, futures, or other accounts does not apply.

  • Claim your 1-month free trial of Quadency Pro by connecting FastPass exchange(s) with at least 100 Dash collectively.

  • Claim your 3-month free trial of Quadency Unlimited by connecting FastPass exchange(s) with at least 1,000 Dash collectively.

What are the requirements to claim monthly subscription credits?
You need to reach a certain level of Dash trading volume executed from Quadency on supported FastPass exchanges to claim.

  • Volume needed to claim a 1-month Pro subscription credit: $50K

  • Volume needed to claim a 1-month Unlimited subscription credit: $100k

How do I qualify for the 50% plan discounts?
Once you've redeemed your free trial offer, simply return to the claim form any time and follow the steps to request your 50% discount.

How long will it take to redeem my offer?
Once you request your upgrade, discount, or credit, Quadency will validate and process your claim within 3-5 business days.

What if I already have an active Quadency Pro or Unlimited subscription?
If you have a paid Pro, partner-sponsored Pro, or Unlimited account, your subscription will be extended as part of this promotion.


any cheating behavior like malicious registration, trading, or multi-accounting will be considered void.

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