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How do I redeem the Wallet Connect 25% Off Upgrades offer?
How do I redeem the Wallet Connect 25% Off Upgrades offer?

Connect your wallet to Quadency and claim up to 25% off and one month free of Quadency Unlimited

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Update: This feature was discontinued, but we will activate new offers if available again in the future.


Celebrate the launch of our latest feature, Wallet Connect, with up to 25% off and one month of Quadency Unlimited Free!


Wallet Connect allows you to track all your assets in one place. Whether they are in Metamask to access DeFi or in your Ledger for long-term secure storage, you can now track them in Quadency.

Offer Details

For a limited time only, users can claim the following promotions on any paid plans - PLUS get your 1st month FREE.

  • Connect your first wallet to claim 25% off Quadency Pro

  • Connect your second wallet to claim 25% off Quadency Unlimited

Redeem the offer

Step 1: Connect your wallet(s) to Quadency

Step 2: Receive your discount code via link below:

Step 3: Upgrade by following the steps sent via email

Terms and conditions

How many times can I claim this offer?
You can claim this bonus offer only once.

โ€‹Is there a deadline to claim the offer?
You must connect an account using Wallet Connect and fill the claim form by April 1st.

How long will it take to redeem my offer?
Once you request your discount, Quadency will validate and process your claim within 3-5 business days.

What if I already have an active Quadency Pro or Unlimited subscription?
This promotion is limited to users on Quadency's Lite plan.


any cheating behaviour like malicious registration, trading, or multi-accounting will be considered void.

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