How do I claim my airdrop?

Find out how can you claim your airdrop

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Airdropped QUAD tokens will be deposited directly to your Quadency account after the claim process.


In order to claim your QUAD tokens, please make sure that you are eligible for airdrop by visiting our 'Am I eligible for an airdrop?' article.

Before claiming your airdrop, make sure to complete Account Verification Level 2. You can also Trade on QUADX to earn QUAD Tokens based on your trading volume until November 26th, 2022

Steps to claim the airdrop

  1. Head to your dashboard

  2. Locate the Claim Airdrop button and click on it.

  3. After clicking the claim your airdrop button, an airdrop message will show on your screen that will indicate details about your airdrop. You could then claim your airdrop by hitting the 'CLAIM FREE QUAD' button'.

    NOTE: You will only be able to receive your airdrop between Dec 2nd and December 31st

  4. Congratulations! Your airdrop is now available in your Quadency account.

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