If you encounter one of these four common issues while completing your identity verification, please reference the tips below to resolve them before contacting support.

  • Invalid Input(s)

    • Please make sure you are not using any special character such as (!@#$%^&*()) within any of the fields

  • Location Not Accepted

    • Your local jurisdiction is prohibited from participating.

  • Technical Error

    • The quality of the document or photograph is not good enough (might be blurry). Please retry with the same or another proof of identification.

  • Document Not Accepted

    • We do not support this document type for ID verification. Please try another official document of identification (passport, ID card).

  • Critical Error

    • The information provided during KYC level 1 and the information accessible on your proof of identity cannot be matched. Please make sure to enter the correct information.

If none of the above resolves your issue, please contact support via live chat or by email at support@quadency.com.

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