How to trade QUAD tokens?

Find how to purchase QUAD access all benefits of the growing Quadency ecosystem.

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Latest updates - October 2022:

  • Using Quadency's native exchange, QUADX, you can buy or sell QUAD and other top crypto assets to enjoy low trading fees and better prices.

  • QUAD Selling via QUADX is not available yet, but it will be available soon. Stay tuned for updates.


QUAD is available on QUADX (Quadency's native exchange) and Sushiswap. Please follow the steps below to get QUAD.



  1. Access the markets tab, search for QUAD, and select it.

  2. Click the drop-down menu to select which asset to spend.

  3. Enter the amount to spend.

  4. Click preview buy and review the transaction details.

  5. Click Convert Now

    That's it! QUAD will be credited to your Quadency account.


Note: to get QUAD in Sushiswap, please refer to the steps below before you start:

  • You’ll need a Web3 (browser) wallet like MetaMask.

  • Set your wallet to the correct blockchain network: QUAD is currently only on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Load the wallet with the assets you want to swap out, and some ETH, for example, for network costs (“ gas fees”).

  1. Launch Sushi

  2. Connect your wallet (double check you have enough crypto to cover gas fees)

  3. Select the token you want to swap from (USDC or ETH), and enter the desired amount or click “Max”.
    For your convenience, use the ff. links and ignore step 4.

  4. Click on the second asset

    1. At first, QUAD will not be available, so you need to add QUAD to Sushi. To do so, copy the QUAD contract address available in this article.

    2. Paste the QUAD contract address in the search field.

    3. QUAD will appear to be selected, select it.

  5. Doublecheck transaction details

  6. Click on “Swap”

    1. Please Note: You might be requested to validate the transaction via your web3 wallet.

  7. The transaction generally executes in minutes and the swapped asset will appear directly in your wallet. If it doesn't appear, follow the steps indicated here.

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