REMINDER: You do not need to complete Identity Verification to continue trading on the Quadency terminal, however by completing Identity Verification, you will be able to increase your access to the platform.


There are multiple Identity Verification levels used to verify your account on Quadency. Each Identity Verification level requires specific data to be entered manually:

  • Identity Verification Level 0 (automatic upon signing up for Quadency)

    • Quadency account

    • Email Address

  • Identity Verification Level 1

    • Full Name

    • Date of Birth

    • Address

    • Phone Number

  • Identity Verification Level 2

    • Proof of Identity (ID card & other official identity documents)
      NOTE: for all US users, only Drivers License and Government issued ID are supported.

    • Final Identity Verification (selfie/face-scan)

How to complete Identity Verification - Step-by-step

Identity Verification Level 1

  1. Log in to your account, and then click on your personal account

  2. Click "Verify Account".

  3. Fill in the relevant information and click "Request SMS Code".

  4. Fill in the SMS code received and click "Submit Information"

Identity Verification Level 2

  1. Click on "Proceed to Level 2" at the bottom of the page

  2. Select the method you submit photos. Currently, three methods are supported, online photo captured by computer camera (option one "Take photo using webcam"), upload file on from your computer(option two "upload file from this device"), and online captured by phone camera (Option three "Continue on mobile").

  3. After the photo has been submitted, just wait patiently for the review. Usually, the review will be completed within 24 hours.


If you select option two "Upload files", please upload the corresponding photos according to the prompts on the page.


If you choose option 3 "Prefer to use your phone?", please scan the QR code, and then take photos or upload files from your phone according to the prompts on the phone.

4. Final Identity Verification (selfie/face-scan)

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