Update - September 2022:

  • Quadency's company liquidity will soon be moved to QUAD/USDC. So for improved liquidity and lower slippage, we advise new liquidity providers to focus on QUAD/USDC.


Using Sushiswap, you are able to provide liquidity. To reward QUAD holders for providing liquidity to the QUAD/USDC & QUAD/ETH pairs, Quadency is launching the QUAD Liquidity Rewards Program.

Before you start:

  • You’ll need a Web3 (browser) wallet like MetaMask.

  • Set your wallet to the correct blockchain network: QUAD is currently only on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Load the wallet with the assets you provide liquidity for, and some ETH, for example, for network costs (“ gas fees”).


What are liquidity pools?

Liquidity pools are places to provide liquidity so that users of Decentralized Exchanges can use them to make trades in a decentralized way.

To provide liquidity, a user must supply an equal amount of two different tokens:

  • the primary token (sometimes called the quote token)

  • the base token (usually ETH or a stablecoin).

By providing liquidity to a pool, users and decentralized apps (or Dapps, for short) can profit from their usage by receiving part of the trading fee equal to their share of the pool.

QUAD Liquidity Rewards Program

To reward QUAD holders for providing liquidity to the QUAD/USDC & QUAD/ETH pairs, Quadency is launching the QUAD Liquidity Rewards Program.

On top of the 0.25% trading fee sharing (via SushiSwap), Liquidity Providers will receive a portion of 168,421 QUAD tokens each week based on their share of the total liquidity pool. Liquidity Rewards will be distributed weekly to the address providing liquidity.

How to provide liquidity for QUAD?

There is currently only two official liquidity pool for QUAD on Sushi. Please only interact with the two pools below:

  1. Go to the Sushiswap website, select Pool, and click on add

    • Make sure to have your web3 connected to tag along.

  2. First, you must choose which pair/pool you want to provide liquidity for ***

    1. Select QUAD as the primary token

      1. At first, QUAD will not be available, so you need to add the QUAD to Sushi. To do so, copy the QUAD contract address available in this article.

      2. Paste the QUAD contract address in the search field.

      3. QUAD will appear to be selected, select it.

    2. Select ETH or USDC as a base token

  3. After selecting the desired tokens, click supply!

    • If this is your first time interacting with SushiSwap's smart contracts for either or both of the tokens in question, you will be prompted to Approve that the smart contracts are allowed to handle them for you.

  4. .When the liquidity add is done, you receive Sushi Liquidity Provider (SLP) tokens in return. These represent your share in the liquidity pool and your earned fees that are received upon withdrawal of the liquidity.

Note: If you never interacted with SushiSwap before, you will be shown the available assets in your wallet along with your balance of them (if any). Make sure QUAD is added to your web3 wallet beforehand.

Disclaimer: Quadency reserves the right to update or discontinue the Liquidity Rewards Program at its sole discretion. As such and as with any other decentralized exchange, your assets remain in your custody. Quadency does not have access to funds in your self-custodial wallet (MetaMask etc) and is not responsible for the loss of funds held in those wallets.

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