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  • QUAD Selling via QUADX is not available yet, but it will be available soon. Stay tuned for updates.


A fee is charged for each filled trade placed by a bot (limit orders on bots won’t be charged until they are filled).


Bot Trading Fee Schedule

Bot fees are determined by trading the 30d rolling trading volume coming from Quadency on partner exchanges.

Depending on your account's tier, a small fee will be charged every time a trade placed by a bot is filled. Manual trading remains free on additional exchanges.

Please refer to the Quadency fees schedule article for the bot trading fee schedule.

Trading Fee Formula

Bot Trading Fee = Trading Volume * Bot Trading Fee Rate


  1. You want to trade BTC/USDT

  2. Your account is tier 1.

  3. You pay your fees in USDC.

You wish to buy some BTC with 200 USDT available in your Quadency account. To place the trade, you use the Smart Order bot.

Bot Trading Fee = 200 * 0.001 (=0.1%)
Bot Trading Fee = 0.20

When you make a trade with 200 USDT, the equivalent of 0.20 USDT will be charged as a trading fee. As you chose to pay your fees in USDC, 0.20 USDC will be deducted from your Quadency Account.

Pay in QUAD Formula

If you decided to pay your fees in QUAD instead, you would have paid 0.16 USDT worth of QUAD thanks to the additional 20% discount.

Pay in QUAD Fee = Bot Trading Fee - (Bot Trading Fee * Discount)
Pay in QUAD Fee = 0.20 - (0.20* 0.20)
Pay in QUAD Fee = 0.20 - 0.04
Pay in QUAD Fee = 0.16

*QUAD is currently not available in the United States and certain other regions due to the current regulation. For more details.

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