Latest Updates - October 2022

  • QUAD Selling via QUADX is not available yet, but it will be available soon. Stay tuned for updates.

  • You can now deposit USDT to pay for your bot fees.


Fees are being charged for every trade filled by a bot.


Fees will be deducted from your QUAD*, USDT, or USDC balance being held in your Quadency account.

You can configure which asset fee to use in your preferences or from anywhere on the website using the navigation bar gear button. Fees will be debited once the trade has been placed and filled. In case of a limit order, fees will be debited once the order has been completely filled.

You can select QUAD to pay for your trading fees and get exclusive discounts, click here and learn how. Get QUAD now!

*QUAD is currently not available in the United States and certain other regions due to the current regulation. For more details.

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