Can I get a discount on fees?

Learn how to get discount on fees

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Latest Updates - April 2023

  • The latest Quadency fee structure is live! You can now trade free with Quadency,.


Yes, you are able to get discounts and have access to Quadency more features.


There are multiple ways for users to pay less fees.

Pay your fee in QUAD*
By using QUAD to pay for your bot trading fees, users can get an additional 50 % discount and use Quadency virtually for free.

Hold more QUAD

Another way to pay lower fees without using QUAD to pay for them is to simply hold more QUAD in your account, this will increase your tier and lower your trading fees.

Trade on partner exchanges

The third way to get discounts on trading fees is to run bots on our partner exchanges. By doing so, your bot trading volume accounts for the calculation of your tier. Again, with higher tiers, you get lower fees and higher access to the platform.

For more details regarding our pricing, please have a look at our detailed pricing page.

Use QUADX-supported bots for your trading and make sure to select your Quadency account as your bot's exchange.

This will allow you to experience zero bot trading fees when you automate your trades using bots.

*QUAD is currently not available in the United States and certain other regions due to the current regulation. For more details.

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