Latest Updates - January 2023:

  • You can now automate the trades of your Quadency account using QUADX-supported bots. Selecting your Quadency account as your bot's exchange will allow you to have zero bot fee in your bot-trading experience.


QUADX is Quadency’s native exchange. It is available directly within Quadency’s markets tab. It sources liquidity across centralized and decentralized platforms to offer better prices and low trade fees for the top crypto assets.


QUADX can be accessed by going to the Exchange tab, or to the Terminal tab,

If the asset is tradable with QUADX, the order will appear on the right side of your screen.

If you are in the terminal tab, all tradable assets will appear in the drop down menu. Find a list of all available pairs here.

How it works

QUADX sources liquidity for centralized and decentralized platforms therefore, it offers better prices and low trade fees for the top crypto assets.

If you have deposited QUAD into your Quadency account, you will have the choice to pay for trade fees with QUAD, and therefore pay highly discounted fees. This fee will be deducted directly from your QUAD balance.

How to buy and sell on QUADX

For complete instructions on how to buy and sell in QUADX, navigate to the How to trade using QUADX? article.

Is QUADX supported in your region and is accessible as per your identity verification level? Find out here!

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