How to trade using QUADX?

Find steps on how to trade with QUADX

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Latest Updates - January 2023

  • You can now automate the trades of your Quadency account using QUADX-supported bots. Selecting your Quadency account as your bot's exchange will allow you to have zero bot fee in your bot-trading experience.


QUADX is Quadency’s native exchange. It is available directly within Quadency’s markets tab. It sources liquidity across centralized and decentralized platforms to offer low trade fees and better prices to the top crypto assets.


There are two ways you can trade using QUADX. Terminal tab and exchange tab. To trade on QUADX, follow the steps below.

Trade in QUADX using Terminal tab

  1. From your dashboard, click on terminal

  2. Once there, click on exchange and select Quadency as an exchange.

  3. Once the Quadency is selected as an exchange account, you will be able to see the balances of the selected trading pair. In this case, we will see BTC and USDT balances.

  4. In this case, we will be buying BTC with USDT. Enter the amount, check if everything is correct, and click SEND BUY ORDER.

  5. You will see a confirmation pop-up on the upper right corner of your screen.

Trade in QUADX using the Trade tab

1. Navigate to the Trade Tab. By default, BTC will be selected.

2. Choose the asset you want to trade by hitting the drop-down and searching or selecting the asset you want to trade.

NOTE: Please refer to this article for the list of pairs available to trade in QUADX.

a. If you want to 'BUY'

  • Select the asset that you want to spend for your buy.

  • Select the asset that you want to sell your asset to.

b. If you want to 'SELL'.

  • Select the asset you want to sell.

  • Select the asset you want to sell your asset to.

3. In this example, we will sell our BTC for USDC. Once it's settled, hit the 'Preview Buy' button.

4. Your order confirmation will show along with the details such as the exchange rate, QUADX fee, and how much you'll receive.

5. Once you have confirmed every detail hit the 'Convert now' button and you're all set! Your converted asset is now in your Quadency account.

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