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Can I trade directly within my Quadency account?
Can I trade directly within my Quadency account?

Find details in trading with your Quadency account

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Latest Updates - November 2023

  • QUAD Selling via QUADX is not available yet, but it will be available soon. Stay tuned for updates.

  • In the meantime, you can use QUADX and trade, or monitor your assets from a number of leading crypto exchanges, with no fees.


Yes, users are able to trade assets from their Quadency account via QUADX, terminal, and bots.


  1. QUADX, Quadency's native exchange. For more information on how to trade within QUADX, please refer to How to trade using QUADX? article.

  2. Quadency Terminal. To trade the assets from your Quadency account, you must make sure that under the 'Exchange' and 'Account' drop-downs, 'Quadency' is selected.

    In using Quadency Terminal in trading assets from your Quadency account, please note that the orderbook is unavailable and you can only send market orders.

  3. Quadency Bot trading. You can trade assets from your Quadency account for free using the ff. bots below.

    1. MACD

    2. DMAC

    3. Bollinger Band

    4. Mean Reversion

    5. Multi-level RSI

    6. Accumulator

    7. Portfolio Rebalancer

    8. Cody

To find out a list of assets you can trade in QUADX, click here.

For your complete guide to running Quadency bots, please refer to our Quadency Bots - Quickstart Guide article.

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