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How are QUADX fees calculated?
How are QUADX fees calculated?

Find how Quadency calculate your trading fees on QUADX.

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Latest Updates - March 2023

  • You can now automate the trades of your Quadency account using QUADX-supported bots. Selecting your Quadency account as your bot's exchange will allow you to have zero bot fee in your bot-trading experience.


Our fee structure rewards traders by lowering their trading fees when they trade more on Quadency with additional discounts for traders who pay fees in QUAD. Find out in this article how we calculate fees.


A small fee will be charged for every trade placed on QUADX. The fee will be withdrawn from the asset you receive. So if you buy BTC with $250 USDT, you will receive $250 worth of BTC minus the trading fee.

If you decide to use QUAD to receive a discount on fees, then you will receive the full amount spent and the fee will be deducted directly from your Quadency account.

Please refer to this article for the full fee schedule and discounts available with QUAD.

Spot trading fee formula

While fees will be displayed before the trade confirmation, here's the formula used to calculate the fee.

Fee = amount spent * fee rate
Fee = 250 USDT * 0.10%
Fee = 0.25 USDT


Let's see an example, we'll consider that you're trying to buy BTC with $250 USDT while you are in tier 1.

Fee = amount spent * fee rate
Fee = 250 USDT * 0.20%
Fee = 0.50 USDT
Amount received : $249.50 worth of BTC

Pay in QUAD Formula

If you decided to pay your fees in QUAD instead, you would have paid 0.25 USDT worth of QUAD thanks to the additional 20% discount.

Fee = amount spent * fee rate
Fee = 250 USDT * 0.10%
Fee = 0.25 USDT

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