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Connecting a Monitor Only exchange account
Connecting a Monitor Only exchange account

The first step in using Quadency is to link an exchange account

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There are several ways to get to the Account Linking section to monitor your portfolio.


Step 1

  1. From the dashboard.
    Click the Switch Account button on the right side of your screen, then click on Add Account.

  2. From My Accounts settings

    Locate the My Accounts section of Settings, where you can see and manage all your accounts and update a label if needed:

  3. If this is the first account you are adding to Quadency, you can also simply connect it directly from the dashboard by clicking the Get Started button.

    You will see two options, click on Connect an Exchange to Trade and Run Bots

Step 2: Select the account type by clicking on Exchange Account

Step 3: Clicking on the Exchange Account account will display this menu, click on the drop-down menu and the list of supported exchanges will display.

Step 4: In this example, we will be using Bitstamp. Create and Enter the API keys you created in your external exchange account, then click on "Connect Account".

NOTE: Click here and scroll down to the Linking Instructions by Exchange section to find steps on how to create APIs for your Monitor Only exchange account.

Once you get the confirmation message, you are all set! Your balances will synchronize automatically in Quadency.

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