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How does the progress bar work?
How does the progress bar work?

Identity how does the progress bar in the dashboard works.

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The Quadency progress bar helps users on completing the initial set-up of their account. It serves as a guide on how users can maximize their use of Quadency.


When you go to your dashboard, you will see your progress bar in the "Finish Setting Up Your Account" section.

  1. Account Verified

    • Clicking this will navigate you to your account verification page where you can complete the Identity Verification. By completing the Identity Verification Level 2, you can access more platform features including QUADX. Please have a look at the features you can access per your Identity level here.

    • Have a look at the "How to complete Identity Verification?" article here.

  2. Funds Deposited

    • Clicking here will navigate you to the deposit page of your Quadency account. Depositing assets will allow you to trade in QUADX and pay for your bot fees.

    • Take a look at the "How to deposit assets in your Quadency account?" article here.

  3. Automated with Bots

    • This will navigate you to the Quadency bot selection page where you can create and run automated trading bots.

    • For Quadency "Quickstart bot guide", refer to this article.

  4. Traded on QUADX

    • Clicking this will navigate you to Quadency’s native exchange, QUADX, which sources liquidity across centralized and decentralized platforms to offer better prices and low trade fees for the top crypto assets.

    • Have a look at the "How to trade using QUADX?" article here.

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