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Discover how to earn rewards in QUAD by completing quests.

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Quadency Community Quests is a program designed to reward the Quadency community members to create Quadency-related content. The program is hosted on Zealy and offers various tasks and quests to earn rewards deposited in a user's Quadency account.


The Quadency Community Quests program is available to everyone, whether you have a Quadency account or not. To participate, simply visit the Community Quests page on Zealy. From there, they can select the quests they want to participate in and earn rewards.

Quests Series

Welcome to the #QUADSQUAD

To welcome you to the community, complete these simple quests to get to know Quadency and the community members. As a reward, you'll unlock a one-time payout in QUAD deposited directly into your Quadency account.

QUAD Quests

Complete these quests once or on a weekly basis to earn rewards in QUAD. There are different types of quests currently available:

  • Content: memes, videos, reviews, etc.

  • Community: be the best member of the community, help new users, etc.

  • Platform Quests: running a bot, sharing your referral link, etc.

New quests will periodically be added to the quest board. Additionally, Quadency will organize community sprints/competitions for all team members to earn extra rewards.

Ambassador Quests

In addition to regular quests, Quadency Ambassadors also have access to exclusive quests that can earn them additional rewards. These quests may include things like sharing Quadency on social media, writing a blog post about Quadency, or referring a certain number of new users to the platform. To learn more, please check our Ambassador program and consider applying if you meet the criteria.

How to participate

To participate in the program, users need to complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the Community Quests page on Zealy.

  2. Select the quests they want to participate in.

  3. Complete the tasks outlined in the quest description.

  4. Submit proof of completion (if required).


Quadency manages all payouts manually to prevent fraud. Users can view their reward earnings on their Quadency Rewards page and quest progress directly on Zealy. Payments are made during the first two weeks of every month for rewards earned during the previous month.

To receive your payouts, you must complete account verification level 2 in Quadency.


Who can participate in the Community Quests?

Everyone! No need to be a Quadency user to participate in the program. However, there are some regional limitations. The program is not available in the US and other regions where QUAD is not available.

Can I participate in Community Quests if I'm not a Quadency Ambassador?

Yes, the program is available to all Quadency users.

Can I complete a quest multiple times?

Yes and no, some quests can only be completed once. If a quest can be completed multiple times, the periodicity at which it can be done will be indicated.

How are rewards calculated?

The reward amount for each quest is outlined in the quest description. Rewards are deposited in the user's Quadency account once the quest is completed and verified.

Can I participate in Ambassador Quests if I'm not a Quadency Ambassador?

No, Ambassador Quests are exclusive to Quadency Ambassadors.

How can I become a Quadency Ambassador?

To become a Quadency Ambassador, users need to fill out an application form on the Quadency website. The form asks for basic information about the user and their social media profiles and website (if they have one). Once the application is submitted, the Quadency team will review it and let the user know if they've been accepted into the program.

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