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Do you offer a referral rewards program?
Do you offer a referral rewards program?
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Latest Update - December 2022


Yes! You can earn up to $100 USD for each referral.


When an invitee signs up through your referral link, he/she needs to complete a set of action to unlock referral rewards for the referrer. See below:

  1. Connecting an account with a $500 minimum balance: $5

  2. Completing KYC Level 2: $10*

  3. Reaching $5,000 in manual volume: $15*

  4. Reaching $10,000 in bot volume: $25*

  5. Reaching $50,000 in total volume: $50*

In order to claim the rewards 2,3,4 and 5, the invitee must have a minimum balance of $500 at all time. Otherwise, the reward will be consider as void.

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