Quadency allows you to connect multiple API keys, this will allow you to have access to multiple exchange accounts. Find steps on how to connect your Binance account.


1) Log into your account at https://binance.com

2) Navigate to your profile

3) Locate the API management section

4) Click "Create API" and enter a Label API key

5) Enter the 2FA code, if it is enabled, and complete all security verifications.

6) That's it. Your API key has been created. Take note of your API key and Secret key. The secret key is only displayed once. If you lose it, you will need to generate a new API key.

NOTE: make sure to mark the Enable Spot & Margin Trading box.

7) Proceed back to Quadency, and navigate to the Setup Tour through the "My Account" link on your Dashboard tab or via the Switch Accounts section under your Profile to the top right

8) Select Binance & enter your credentials on the right with an Account label of your choice (i.e. My Binance, Main Trading Account, etc.), click 'NEXT' and you're all set!

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