How do I link my Binance account?

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Latest Update - February 2023:

  • In order to enable the trade permission of your API, you can Whitelist Quadency's IP address by following the guide in this article.


Quadency allows you to connect multiple API keys, this will allow you to have access to multiple exchange accounts. Find out the steps on how to connect your Binance account to your Quadency by following the instructions below.


1. Get Quadency's IP address. Make sure to copy Quadency's IP addresses to somewhere safe as you will need it in the following next steps in creating your API.
In copying the IP addresses that you will whitelist, please follow the steps in the 'Step1: Get Quadency's IP address' of How to whitelist Quadency's IP address on Binance article.

2. Log into your account at

3. Navigate to your profile

4. Locate the API management section

5. Click "Create API", select System Generated API key type and enter a label for your API key.

6. Enter the 2FA code or passkeys (if enabled) and complete all security verifications.

7. Take note of your API key and Secret key. The secret key is only displayed once. If you lose it, you will need to generate a new API key.

8. Locate the IP access restrictions section and click on Restrict access to trusted IPs only (Recommended).

9. Paste all the IP addresses you got in Step 1 and click SAVE. Please note that all of the IP addresses must be added at the same time before you hit SAVE otherwise, there could be future problems with the API connection.

(If you are updating a current API's IP access restrictions, you have to remove the existing IPs > SAVE > Edit > Paste the IP addresses > once again SAVE.)

10. Now that you have already restricted Quadency's IP address in your API, hit the 'Edit restrictions' button and make sure that 'Enable Spot & Margin Trading' is enabled.

11. Proceed back to Quadency, head to the dashboard, click on switch account, and click on Add Account.

12. Select Binance & enter your credentials on the right with an Account label of your choice (i.e. My Binance, Main Trading Account, etc.), click 'NEXT' and you're all set! You now have your Binance account connected to your Quadency.

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