1. Log into your account at https://kucoin.com

Note: You must have 2FA enabled on your kucoin account and have setup your security questions in order to create an API Key.

2) Click 'Account' in the navbar

3) Click 'API Keys'

4) Click 'Create'

5) Enter your password, answer security question, and enter 2FA code.

6) You should recieve a confirmation email like the below example. Click 'Confirm'

7) You'll be brought to a screen that looks like this. Click 'API Keys'

8) Your API Key and Secret key will be shown. Note that your secret key will only be displayed within 30 min of creating it.

9) By default, only read access will be enabled. In order fully utilize all of Quadency's features, trade permissions are needed as well. Click 'Update'.

10) Check 'Trading Authority' and click save.

11) Enter your password, answer the security question, and enter 2FA code again.

12) You should recieve a second confirmation email. Click 'Confirm'

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