1) Log into your account at https://kucoin.com

Note: You must have 2FA enabled on your kucoin account and have setup your security questions in order to create an API Key.

2) Click 'Account' in the navbar

3) Click 'API Management'

4) Click 'Create API'

5) Enter an "API Name" and an "API Passphrase"

Note: the API Passphrase is a password you will need to enter later on when connecting your API to Quadency.

6) Select the API restrictions

Note: you have to enable both "trade" and "General", do not enable Transfer.

7) Set your "IP Restrictions" to "No"

8) Click "NEXT", you will be redirected to a Security Verification, enter the passwords and "Confirm"

9) You will be redirected to the screen below:

Note: Your API secret key will only be shown at this step, be sure to note it down and keep it safe before moving forward.

10) Click "Confirm" and copy the Keys (API and Secret) given, paste them on Quadency

11) Click Connect - congrats your KuCoin Account has been connected to Quadency.

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