May 2022 UPDATE:

Please note the content below may not reflect the new-and-improved Quadency trading experience launching in Q2 2022.

Getting started with Quadency is free and easy!

On Desktop

  1. Go to the sign-in page

  2. Enter your name, email and a strong password

  3. If prompted, verify that you are a human (sorry, we don't accept bots)

  4. Click Create Account, you will see a prompt to check your email

  5. Go to your email inbox and click the button/link in the email you received

  6. Once your email is confirmed, you will be logged in and the setup tour will begin

On the Quadency App (iOS, Android)

  1. Open the mobile app, and click enter.

  2. Type the email address to register, and agree to the terms of service.

  3. Click the LET'S GO button.

  4. A confirmation message will display. Click the Open Email App button to retrieve the magic link.

  5. Choose the Mail App to open.

  6. Once you are in your inbox, click Confirm Your Email and this action will take you back to the app.

NOTE: The magic link, is a one-time use link, and it will expire after a few minutes. Once you tap it, it will not work again. If you wish to connect on the desktop after registering through the app, you will have to reset your password.

You are all set!

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