Latest Updates - August 2022

You can now also use USDT to pay for your bot fees on external exchanges.


We are happy to present to you, the Quadency Mobile App. Now, you can trade with our platform using your iOS or Android devices without having the need to manually use the browser of your phones. Make sure you have the latest version of the app.


How to log in

  1. Open the Quadency app on your phone and click the green enter button.

  2. Input your registered email and password then hit the SIGN IN button.

  3. If your device and location are already recognized, you will be redirected to your dashboard.

  4. If your device or location is not yet recognized, you'll be prompted with a message wherein you would need to check your email and follow the instructions.

  5. In your Authorization email, have a look at the given information and if you confirm, click the 'AUTHORIZE THIS DEVICE' button.

Interface Overview

  1. How to switch tabs in the app: to switch tabs, simply click on the upper left corner, and the tab menu will display. //Menu bar(hamburger menu) - tapping this will allow you to switch tabs

  2. Night mode - Switch to day and night mode

  3. Switch currency - tapping this will allow you to switch currencies such as BTC, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, USD, and ZAR

  4. Switch account - this will allow you to switch or choose a specific account to be visualized in your dashboard

  1. Dashboard tab: It will take you to the dashboard tab. You will be able to see the performance, historical allocations, current allocations, and recent trades.

  2. Trade tab: it will allow you to perform manual trades, select the trading's pair graph, load the order book, and recent trades.

  3. Bots tab: here, you will find all of your bots. This includes running bots, stopped bots, and drafts.

  4. Markets: you will be able to see a list of assets, average price, and 24h % change.
    Tip: click on each asset to view more information like global average price, 24h change, 24h volume. You can scroll down and more info will show up.

  5. User settings: open this tab when the settings need to be changed.

  6. Support center: this tab will take you directly to the support center. There, you will be able to see all available articles and bot guides.

  7. Live support: this tab will take you directly to live support.

  8. Log out.

Dashboard Overview

  • Your Quadency dashboard shows a graphical overview of your holdings across all your connected accounts. Tip: Dashboard can be viewed in the context of a single account or entire portfolio (all accounts combined). To switch to another view, select "Switch Acc0unt" from the menu.

  • Performance: chart shows historical value of your portfolio. This chart is constructed based on your trading history and deposits/withdrawal history from your accounts. Hovering over the chart area will reveal further options, switch chart type to bar chart etc. You can also hover over a point in time to see the valuation of your portfolio at that time.

  • Current allocations: chart shows the current distribution of your portfolio assets (with any nominal quantity assets grouped as “other”). Hovering over any asset will show further details such as current value, current price, and the amount held.

Portfolio Overview

  • Tip: A portfolio can be viewed in the context of a single account or entire portfolio (all accounts combined). To switch to another view, select "Switch View" from the menu

  • Deposit either QUAD, USDT, or USDC into your Quadency account wallet. You can follow this guide to know how to deposit into your Quadency wallet.

  • Withdraw your QUAD, USDT, or USDC holdings to your preferred Ethereum address. Follow these steps to successfully withdraw from your Quadency wallet.

  • Asset - Full name and symbol of the asset. Please note that symbol names are normalized per common industry standards, so if you see a symbol that is different from the way it is listed at your exchange, don't be surprised - it's the same asset. In some cases, the full name may be different than what the exchange lists, but the symbol is the same. For example, Binance has BTT as BitTorrent, but BTT may be shown in Quadency as Blocktrade.

  • Amount shows the total quantity of an asset you currently own.

  • Price is the real-time global weighted average price of the asset. The average price is weighted based on volume from all supported exchanges.

  • 24h change shows how much the asset has increased or decreased in value. Showing that change in percentage.

  • Value is the current liquidation value of the given asset. This is an approximation as the price you actually get will depend on the liquidity and may be subject to slippage at the exchange.

  • % Return is the overall gain or loss from holding the asset. It is calculated using the Market Value - Cost Basis.

    Note: QUAD is currently not available in the United States certain and other regions due to the current regulation. For more details.

Trade Tab Overview

  1. By clicking here, you can change the trading pair. Scroll to the left and you will see the rest of the tradable assets. To place an order, follow the steps on this article.

  2. This section will allow you to place manual trades. (the up and down arrows)

  3. This tab will load the graph of the selected trading pair.

  4. This tab will show balances, open orders, history, and trades of the selected trading pair.

  5. This tab will show the order book, it displays all buy and sell orders an exchange has for a certain trading pair.

    Click here to view main order book article.

  6. This section will show the recent trades placed on this trading pair.

My Bots Overview

In this tab, you will find everything related to your bots, from analytics to status and will be able to manage all of your bots from one place. You will see all the available bots for you to use. Within this space you will have access to three pages:

  1. My bots: to manage your bots already created

  2. Available bots: to access all the available bots, simple or advanced, and to create one.

  3. Strategies: successful backtests conducted by our new optimization engine, HyPOE V2.0 - which uses a combination of proprietary algorithms and data from backtests conducted by humans (other users). Disclaimer: Use these configurations at your own risk - Quadency makes no claims about success resulting from their use.

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