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Can I Track Assets not Held on Exchanges?
Can I Track Assets not Held on Exchanges?

Track your assets wherever they're held

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Adding an additional account is easy and it will allow you to keep track of any other non-supported exchange account.


Track an additional Account

To start tracking an additional account, simply click ADD ACCOUNT in your Dashboard, select the Manual Entry option per the directions below, and select a name for the Manual Entry.

For the first entry, you need to select deposit. Select the pair, amount & price at which you acquired the asset. In addition, you can also add the fees which will be deducted automatically from the deposited balance.

Please note, that before a Buy or Sell transaction can be made, a Deposit transaction must exist. For example, if you wanted to enter a BTC buy for $5,000 USD, you'd first have to enter a deposit transaction of $5,000 USD into that wallet. 

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