In addition to exchange accounts, Quadency supports automatic monitoring of assets in Trezor, Ledger, MetaMask, and other popular wallets.

Wallet connections are read-only, and for tracking purposes only - i.e. Quadency does NOT have the ability to transact (buy, sell, or transfer) via these connections. Click here to view a full list of accounts supported by Quadency.

Please note that in the initial release, transactions are not synchronized and therefore values such as cost basis and return will be empty.

This improvement is coming soon.

Last Updated: May 2021

Connect a wallet

To connect a wallet, simply click ADD ACCOUNT in your Portfolio or Dashboard and select the Wallet Connect option per the directions below.

For detailed directions by specific wallet account, please click here.

Follow the prompts in the following screen to select the type of wallet you are connecting.


Once authorized, the new wallet will appear in your portfolio along with your other connected accounts. Balances for assets in your wallet accounts are updated at most once every hour. You can find detailed information for each account in this article.

Manual Wallet Tracking

If you'd like to track assets in a wallet not supported by Wallet Connect, you can create a Manual Wallet and track them using this method.

Please note, before a Buy or Sell transaction can be made, a Deposit transaction must exist. For example if you wanted to enter a BTC buy for $5,000 USD, you'd first have to enter a deposit transaction of $5,000 USD into that wallet.

If you provide the correct transaction date, Quadency automatically pulls the accurate PnL into your Dashboard and Portfolio pages.


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