Please follow these steps to manually stop your bot and close your open positions and orders.

Step 1: Stop the bot

To stop the bot, click on the "STOP LIVE" button in the "Live Mode" of your bot configuration. A pop-up notification will ask for a confirmation, please confirm by clicking on "Stop Bot".

Step 2: Cancel all open orders

Scroll down below the trading chart. Click on "Open Orders". Then click on "Cancel All" in the top right corner. Once again, confirm your request by clicking on the "Confirm Cancellations" button.

Once your orders have been canceled you will receive this notification in the top right corner of your screen:

Step 3: Close your positions (Optional)

If you wish to, you can also close your positions. In order to do so, you need to head towards your Trade tab and manually execute the buy/sell order. If you hold a Long position then you will have to create a Sell order and a Buy order if you hold a Short position. You can either create a limit or a market order.

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