Latest Updates - August 2022:

You can now deposit USDT to pay for your bot fees.


Please follow the instructions below to deposit funds into your Quadency account.

Note: No verification level is needed to deposit in Quadency. However, there are certain features available for each verification level.



  1. Go to your dashboard and on the upper right, click the 'Deposit' button.

  2. Select the asset. For the moment you are only able to deposit QUAD, USDT, and USDC.

  3. Under network, choose the network where you want the transaction to happen.

    Note: Quadency currently only supports QUAD, USDT & USDC on the Ethereum Network.

  4. Click 'next' and you will see a reminder stating 'Sending crypto to the wrong address will result in lost funds. If you agree, click the 'I understand' button to proceed.

  5. A wallet address will show with its corresponding QR Code. You will need to send the amount of your deposit to the given address.

  6. Once you have sent your deposit, click 'done' and wait for your deposit to reflect in your account.

QUAD deposits are unavailable in the United States due to the current regulation.

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