Quadency allows you to connect multiple API keys that will allow you to have access to multiple exchange accounts. That access can allow you to trade and monitor your exchange's portfolio. In connecting your Gate.io exchange account, you can only monitor your exchange's performance and assets.

Click here to view the full list of external exchanges that you can connect to Quadency including their functionalities.

Find out the steps on how to connect your Gate.io account!


1. Log into your Gate.io account.

2. From your account settings (top-right corner), navigate to the API Management page.

(2FA and fund password must be enabled to create an API key in Gate.io)

3. On the left-hand side, please select the APIv2 Keys option.

4. Before creating your API keys, you will have to enter your passwords. Once done, proceed by clicking the [Show APIv2 keys] button.

5. Now, your Gate.io trading key is successfully created and ready to be connected to Quadency.

6. Scroll-down to the API Key Read-Only checkbox and make sure it is selected.

7. Copy the Key and Secret and paste them somewhere safe before you connect those keys to your Quadency.

Your API key is in the Key tab while the Secret key is shown in the Secret tab.

8. Now that you have copied the API Key and Secret key, you can now connect your Gate.io account to your Quadency by following the steps in this article.

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