How does Quadency work?
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Quadency is a multi-exchange crypto asset management platform. QUADX is Quadency's native exchange that connects DEX and CEX in one interface. Additionally, you can connect your existing exchange accounts with Quadency, you get a holistic picture of your holdings and the ability to send buy/sell orders directly to the exchange.


Your Quadency account allows you to deposit funds to trade at low fees and better prices through QUADX. Assets deposited are also used to run bots, for your external exchange accounts that are connected to your Quadency.

Once your account is connected, your balances, transactions, and orders, are automatically synced in order to calculate your live and historical portfolio statistics. And to allow you to trade using the suite of trading tools provided in Quadency.

There is also a range of bots available to choose from. Bots help you automate trading based on a pre-defined strategy (Click here to learn more about bots). Please refer to our pricing page for more information regarding trading fees.

Accounts from Coinbase Pro (Soon to be Coinbased Advanced), Binance, Bitfinex, and other exchanges can be easily linked to Quadency using API keys.

Get QUAD to get exclusive access to certain features.

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