How do I link my OKX account?

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Update - November 2023:

  • Please make sure to include the step of adding the IP address in your whitelist when creating your API key.


The steps below show you how to link your OKX account to your Quadency account. Before you proceed in creating your API, make sure that you have your 2fa set up in your OKX account otherwise, you won't be able to create your API. Instructions for setting up the 2fa of your OKX account can be found here.


1. Log into your account at

2. Hover your account icon and select API.

3. Hit the '+Create V5 API key' button on the upper right.

4. Fill out the form and make sure you fill the required fields as stated in the image below.


  • You can name your API in any name that you want.

  • You should remember your 'Passphrase' or paste it somewhere else as it would be needed when you connect your API to your Quadency account.

  • Make sure you check the 'Trade' checkbox.

  • You can leave the IP address blank.

5. After hitting the 'Confirm' button, your API will be created. The API key and Secret key will show and it is recommended that you paste this somewhere else as you will need this in connecting your API to your Quadency account. Feel free to use the 'Copy API info' button.

6. Hit the 'Confirm' button to create your API Key.

7. Log in to your Quadency account > drop down on the upper right below your name > My account > Add Account > Exchange account > Look for OKX and hit connect or for an easier way, you can simply go to this link.

Following the steps should navigate you to the OKX API connect page.
8. Input your API Key, Secret Key, and Passphrase which you should have pasted somewhere as instructed.

9. Under 'Account Label', you can put any label/name that you want for your OKX API.

10. Once you hit the 'Connect' button, your API will be connected to your Quadency account. A confirmation image will show that will verify the successful linking.

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