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How do I link my OKX account? (official Quadency partner)

Trade Smarter on your OKX account - connect to Quadency via API

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IP WHITELIST REMINDER: Please make sure to include the step of adding the IP address in your whitelist when creating your API key.

Connecting to OKX

1. Create your OKX API keys by following the steps below. Once created, you can connect your API to Quadency in seconds to start trading.​

2. Log into your account at Note: You must have 2FA enabled on your Kucoin account and have set up your security questions in order to create an API Key.

3. Hover over your account icon on the top right, and select API Keys.

4. Hit the '+Create V5 API key' button on the upper right.

5. Fill out the form and make sure you fill the required fields as stated in the image below.


  • You can name your API however you prefer

  • Add the IP address referenced at the top of this article to the IP Addresses section

  • Be sure to note down your 'Passphrase' as you will need it to connect your API to your Quadency account.

  • Ensure 'Trade' permission is checked

6. After hitting the 'Confirm' button, your API will be created. The API key and Secret key will show and are needed to connect to your Quadency account, so please note these down as well. Feel free to use the 'Copy API info' button.

7. Hit the 'Confirm' button to create your API Key.

8. Once created, head back to Quadency to connect your API as described in the first step of this article.


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