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All my bot configurations result in loss
All my bot configurations result in loss

Consistently seeing negative bot returns?

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Just like a single trade that has potential for negative return, the same is true for bots.

As a technology company, Quadency provides a growing library of configurable automation strategies to help make advanced trading easier. We do not make any guarantees around profit of any bots as performance is based entirely on your configuration.


Some of the bots require a more technical understanding of trading concepts, but we're working hard to provide you with more help like configuration tutorials for each bot and video guides like this one for Market Maker Plus.

Backtesting capabilities are in the works for additional bots, along with an enhanced Smart Suggest experience for beginners still learning automation.

In the meantime, we've gathered some helpful tips below if you're continuing to see negative returns.

Automate your trades the right way

Using Smart Suggest?

Remember, backtest performance is not indicative of live trading success. We advise you to use caution when copying Smart Suggest configurations as certain pairs that have very low volume will not result in ideal price fills. If using Smart Suggest, always DYOR as a sky-high profit rate could be related to a recent price surge.

Trading on low-quality pairs?

Technically any bot can be profitable on any pair - BUT many pairs might not be suitable for automated trading. For example, if a pair is trading in a very tight range - a few sats - making a market order results in getting a worse price. So you should always check at least these three elements when choosing your strategy and pair:

  • The volume

  • The liquidity

  • The order book

Duplicating the right bots?

Every bot is different - some are based on indicators, others on trading strategies. In order to be profitable, your bot must be used in adequate market conditions for that particular configuration. A profitable MACD automated strategy could be profitable on BTC/USDT but that does not mean the same configuration would also be profitable on ETH/USDT.

Managing your risk-reward ratio?

This is one of the most important aspects of bot trading to take into consideration. As bots can feature stop-loss and profit targets, traders should ensure their settings are adequate for the market the bot is running on. A sudden market move could trigger a stop-loss too small and close a position before catching a profit.

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