How do I connect my exchange account?

The first step to trading with Quadency is to link an exchange account

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Step 1: Have your Exchange API keys ready. If you still need to create API Keys, simply follow the API Setup Guide for your preferred trading exchange, or find the full list of monitor-only exchanges supported here:

Don't forget to whitelist IP address during setup. Once you've created your keys, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Enter Quadency's Account Linking module, which you can access throughout the platform:

  • Account Settings: Locate the My Accounts section of Settings, where you can manage connected accounts and update labels

  • Dashboard: Click the Switch Account button, then click on Add Account.

  • Terminal: Select the exchange you would like to trade, then click Connect Account

​Step 3: Of the options presented, click on Connect an Exchange

Step 4: Choose your exchange from the dropdown menu - for example Binance in screenshot below.

Step 5: Enter the API keys you created in your exchange account, then click on Connect Account. Please note some exchanges may require a Passphrase in addition to API & Secret.

Once you get the confirmation message, you are all set! Your balances will synchronize automatically in Quadency.

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